The Year of Twenty

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Rebuilding: A Recap

Rebuilding: A Recap

Hey y'all! I know I've been MIA the last few months, but it's definitely been for a good reason. In May my family moved from the property we were staying at, to a different one (with "non-toxic" people). Also, this summer for two months I was in good ole Arizona working as a nanny to four pretty awesome children! So now that I've kinda caught you up on everything let's jump into the cool stuff!! Ok so there are zero builders in my family! We have teachers, doctors,social workers,etc., but not one builder! Well now that we've pretty much established...

The Year of Twenty:19 till 20 Cherish the Moments

The Year of Twenty:19 till 20 Cherish the Moments

Day 19: Cherish the Moments 
Today we are going to talk about friendship. I know I know, may be a little cheesy but oh well. Over the years I have learned what the true friendship is. I've always had that one person that was my main best friend, but you know the sad part is that no one else knew. Thinking back now, I wonder what I could have done better. But, you know the funny thing is I wouldn't change anything. Even though at...

The Year of Twenty: 20 till 20 Save Your Pennies

Day 20: Save Your Pennies
Today is day 20! So let's get right into it. Today as we traveled to Spokane, Washington I was trying to figure out what in the world am I going to talk about today?! Well guess what it is guys! Drumroll please..... Shopping!! Ok, I know we all love to do a little retail therapy and trust me I do too, but over the last few years I've learned how to spend my money and how to get the...

The Year of Twenty: 21 till 20 The Countdown Begins

Day 21: Is it a bird? No it's a plane! ✈️

    Today marks twenty-one days until my teenage years are officially over!! Sounds scary right?! Well, to help make the transition into my new year a little less painful, I thought that everyday I would create a list of 21 things that I'm looking forward to doing in my twentieth year or that I've already accomplished before I turned twenty. So let's begin.

Something that I've noticed on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, is that a lot of people would...